Strategic Planning, Modelling & Fundraising

A Strategic Finance Director role covers more than finance and depends on your plans and stage of growth.

To fully support and advise clients during all business stages, we also provide commercial support and take an active role at meetings.

To be able to support your organisation properly, we will take time to understand your goals and challenges across the business.

We help you develop strategic financial plans to:

  • Support your growth plans
  • Help the organisation restructure or change direction
  • Support fundraising
  • Define funding requirements, timing and amounts
  • Structuring for funding readiness
  • Define shareholder aims
  • Become AIM quoted
  • Exit

We take an active role at board and senior management meetings to provide sound financial guidance and a fresh commercial perspective.

Commercially, we support key contract negotiations.

Often as the role develops, some of the strategic aspects may be similar to those of a Non-Executive Director (NED) or Chairman depending on the make-up of the board.

Our focus is to keep the business on track for success while freeing up your time.

What people say:

I have worked with Anthony in several firms and successfully recommended him now to several firms. He is fast to get to grips with the people and issues and, in my experience, has always given an honest, professional and highly incisive guidance in and beyond his subject matter – finance. All this makes him a strong team member and an important contributor at a board level. He is a bright, highly professional and incisive FD.

Hugo Tewson, Founder, The Chronic Foundation

Anthony confronts me with the difficult realities in a supportive way. Anthony is incredibly gifted in terms of financial modelling and produces a model which is a complete model of my business – others I have used have been no comparison with what Anthony can do. He saw a technical solution to an intercompany issue which none of my other advisers could see. In summary, Anthony provides a combination of great technical skills, empathy and support.

Dr Michael Gamlen, CSO and founder, Gamlen Tableting

Anthony is a great guy to get support from. He has a way of asking the right questions in a relaxed way, he is very easy and flexible to work with, and you get more out of him in terms of ideas around the business than you are expecting. He is interested in the business as a whole rather than just his main focus, I guess because this provides important context and he is keen to make sure he gets the whole picture before going into specifics. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Anthony.

Kim Partington, CEO and co-founder, Geocento


Successfully restructured to move away from dependence on grants and focus on Phase II and Phase III drug candidates leading ultimately to $423M acquisition.

IPO: successful AIM listing and £13m+ placings. Now £157M market cap.

Delivery of complex business modelling for a 20-year roll out across multiple countries, identifying series of funding rounds. Managing short term and restricted cash situation to successful initial £3m fundraise. Handed over to full time Finance Director.