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Anthony is great to work with. We have worked together for a few years, he started by asking the real fundamental questions around our business and personal goals. He then helped us explore the financial options open to us and looked at the implications and risks involved. Anthony has a width of experience which has helped us understand our own business better and he continues to work with us towards achieving those original goals.

Byron Alderman, CEO, Teratech Components

Anthony is a great guy to get support from. He has a way of asking the right questions in a relaxed way, he is very easy and flexible to work with, and you get more out of him in terms of ideas around the business than you are expecting. He is interested in the business as a whole rather than just his main focus, I guess because this provides important context and he is keen to make sure he gets the whole picture before going into specifics. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Anthony.

Kim Partington, CEO and co-founder, Geocento

Anthony confronts me with the difficult realities in a supportive way. Anthony is incredibly gifted in terms of financial modelling and produces a model which is a complete model of my business – others I have used have been no comparison with what Anthony can do. He saw a technical solution to an intercompany issue which none of my other advisers could see. In summary, Anthony provides a combination of great technical skills, empathy and support.

Dr Michael Gamlen, CSO and founder, Gamlen Tableting

Anthony was recommended to me in 2018 when I was looking for strategic financial support. Anthony has worked with a number of the Mayfair BioHub companies and has provided a wealth of insights and support that have helped us plan our business strategy and investment requirements. He offers a unique perspective on business strategy and finance that has been of immense benefit to the Mayfair Biohub. Anthony was a great find for us, his knowledge and experience along with his ability to build relationships quickly with business leaders and understand complex challenges has been amazing. I would recommend Anthony to any organisation looking for a strategic finance leader and innovator.

Adrian Giles, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, The Mayfair Bio-Hub

An excellent CFO, forming a very successful and efficient senior management team. Introduced a very robust financial process to the company. Very detailed & focused. Great to work with.

Ken Herbert, CTO, Special Products

Anthony has the rare ability to be able to focus on the detail of a project whilst adding strategic insight. He adds a new ideas and drives them to successful implementation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony who will add value to any client.

Paul Maddock, MD and co-founder

It has been a pleasure for us to have engaged and used Anthony’s services. He has provided immeasurable input in pressurised situations and has always stood up and delivered in even the most demanding circumstances.

Founders, Bluearth Capital

Anthony has helped RCR really understand the numbers behind our business model and that in turn has helped shift the focus of our hiring and marketing strategies. I recommend Anthony not only for what he can do for your business, but also for the patient way he can help a non-accountant get to grips with the financial backbone of a business.

Paul Griffith, Strategy and Ops Director and co-founder, RCR

An outstanding CFO with whom I will very happily work again.

CEO, Special Products

Anthony was engaged when our previous FD left the company and he quickly picked up our accounts and financial management. Anthony works as a full member of the team and has been very helpful in a number of areas, including drawing up new budgets, formulating strategy and corporate governance.

James Jackson, Founder & CEO, SmartSensor Telemed Limited

I have worked with Anthony in several firms and successfully recommended him now to several firms. He is fast to get to grips with the people and issues and, in my experience, has always given an honest, professional and highly incisive guidance in and beyond his subject matter – finance. All this makes him a strong team member and an important contributor at a board level. He is a bright, highly professional and incisive FD.

Hugo Tewson, Founder, The Chronic Foundation

Anthony got a very quick grasp of our accounts, business and the situation we were in. He then led us through some very testing times. Not only did he help with the financial issues but looked at the business as whole, working with us to put in processes that would address our shortfalls and pinch points. He helped staff, at all levels, to do their jobs well and improve on their efficiency and productivity. Anthony also attended meetings with us as an advisory consultant helping to collect debt or sit as part of board meetings to help develop the strategy and vision of the company. We achieved our best growth to date whilst Anthony was with us.

Anne-Marie Perry, Founder & Managing Director, Abicare Services Limited

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